Does plant-based cooking intimidate you?

Are you frustrated by your time spent on food prep?

Tired of relying on recipes and missing ingredients?

Are you craving more flavor in your food?

Disappointed by family fussing about your cooking?

Do you wish it could be quick and easy?

When I met Jon McMahon, just being in the kitchen was frustrating and overwhelming for him. He'd rather be anywhere else.

Today, he feels comfortable in the kitchen. He can easily prepare a nutrient-dense, plant-based meal without a fuss.

He loves having all the tools right at arm's length to make something filling and delicious!

He loves that he's in control of his health and vitality!


What if you set your kitchen up for success?

What if eating plants were easy and delicious?

Imagine how you'd feel in your body...

Hello! I'm Chef Katie Mae.

I'm the founder of the Culinary Gym, and you may recall me from Episode 9 of the iThrive Series.  Jon and I first met during one of my cooking classes at TrueNorth Health Center—where I've been teaching for almost a decade.  Jon was an advocate for the plant-based diet,  but following it WAS A BURDEN.  That is, until he learned to make easy, delicious plant-based meals! This was the key to his success!

Now, I'm here to help you in the kitchen so you can create food you love AND and remarkable health at the same time! 

If you want more confidence and ease in the kitchen, please join me for Plant-based Cooking 101! Training starts Monday. Together, we can take your kitchen and your meals to the next level!

Here's Our Game Plan...

WHAT: 6-Week Online Whole Food, Plant-Based Cooking Course.

WHERE: The comfort of your own home. All you need is internet access.

HOW: 6 modules delivered weekly. Each module includes video lessons, kitchen cheat sheets, meal guides, a live cook-along session with Jon and I, and more!

WHEN: We begin Sunday, December 1st! You can work the short videos into your schedule each week (and hopefully join our live Sunday Cook-Along events as well!) Then practice your new skills along with the group, or go at your own pace ... you have lifetime access.

A Kitchen Kickstart with
Knife Skills & the Buddha Bowl

Make your food prep easier by revamping your kitchen, befriending your knives, and making a meal loved by almost every plant-based eater ever.

Tasty Simplicity with Grains, Legumes, and the Instant Pot

Learn how to best prepare and flavor whole grains and legumes while leaning on the time-saving Instant Pot to help build routine.

Building Endurance with Flavor & Flow

Maximize the quality of your produce with proper storing, create flavor that you rave about, and prepare salads so good you look forward to them.

Creating Joy with Roasted Veggies and Yummy Sauces

Bring excitement to your food via the glorious world of herbs and spices, the most flavorful cooking methods, and smile-inducing sauces.

Cultivating Variety & Building Strength with Plant Protein

Explore the world of tofu and tempeh, learn to grill without oil, and practice veganizing some of your favorite dishes from around the world.

Finding Creamy Richness With and Without Plant Fats

Make healthy taste decadent by harnessing the various flavor profiles of nuts and seeds, learning how to culture nut cheeses, and learning which low-fat plants make delicious creamers.

The Ingredients We Use:

We start with fresh whole foods.

We skip all extracted oils and refined sweeteners.

We're happily gluten free and flour free.

Our food is nutrient dense and totally scrumptious!

Make Food You Love & That Loves You Back!


What Others Are Saying...


But we'd love to have you join us for the next round!

Email [email protected] to get on the wait list.

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